The Arctic Berry Bag -15%

taste the arctic!

This beautiful blue and white set includes wild organic berries in various tasty ways. Enjoy the delicious organic white chocolate bilberries and organic dried bilberries as snacks, pour berry powder mix of organic blue berries into smoothies and use organic bilberry juice for hot and cold drinks.

A tremendous souvenier or business gift from Finland!

SAVE -15%


In the arctic berry bag

The Arctic Berry Bag includes 4 delicious organic berry products of bilberries and other blue berries with a stylish ecological shopping bag. When purchased together, the products are 15% cheaper than as separate items (normal price together 30,32 €). A beautiful selection of berry magic!

The exact nutritional content of the products can be found by clicking “show details” next to each title.

Dried organic bilberries 50 g

Ingredients: Finnish wild bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus) (75%)*, cane sugar*, sunflower oil*. *From organic production. High fiber. Contains high levels of flavonoids, carotene, vitamins A and E and dietary fiber. Packed on the same equipment that processes also milk, gluten, peanuts and nuts. Price when bought separately 3,80 €. Show details.

Berry powder mix of blue organic berries

Ingredients: Blackcurrant 50%*, bilberry 30%*, mountain bilberry 10%*, chokeberry 10%*. Made from whole berries. Gluten-free. High in fibre, vitamins C, E and K, potassium, copper and manganese. With no added sugar. Price when bought separately 14,90 € Show details.

organic bilberry juice concentrate 375 ml

Ingredients: Organic bilberry juice concentrate, organic cane sugar (34%). Juice content 130%. Dilution: 1 part of juice and 3 parts of water. Price when bought separately 5,00 €. Show details.

Dried bilberries covered in white chocolate 75 g

Ingredients: 58% white chocolate* (cane sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, natural vanilla aroma), Finnish bilberry (30 %)*, cane sugar*, glazing agent (E 414)*, sunflower oil*, sucrose*, honey*. *From organic production. High fibre. May contain small amounts of nuts, peanuts and gluten. Price when bought separately 3,50 €. Show details.

ecological canvas bag

Stylish, natural white, 100 % cotton bag with Biokia print. Ethically produced, chlorine free. Bag size 38 x 42 cm, capacity about 10 litres. Available only in the berry set when non-reduced price for the canvas bag is 3,12 €.