authentic superfood

It all begins in the forest

Wild berries growing on the northern latitudes gather in themselves the force of an intense growth and the midnight sun. The clean forests of northern Finland are ideal for growing berries: clean and bright, untouched and free of pesticides. Nordic berries are an authentic superfood rich in nutrients and flavor.

In berries all vitamins, flavonoids, trace elements and dietary fiber are in natural form. Berries are an easy and delicious way to eat healthy and boost your wellbeing.

Responsible and sustainable

Biokia’s organic berries are handpicked to ensure highest quality and sustainability of forests. In addition to local pickers, we invite hundreds of foreign berry pickers to come and pick berries during the season every year. We take responsibilty for paying a reasonable salary for our berry pickers. All our operations comply with the ISO 26000 Guidance on Social Responsibility.

high-quality production

Did you know that all the berries picked from the forest are not organic? Organic berries are picked from carefully controlled areas, and Biokia’s organic berries are acquired mostly from the organic certified areas of Northern and Eastern Finland. Organic certification shows the purity and authenticity of the raw material. The entire production chain, from the collection area to the raw material processor, is subject to organic control. Quality of our products is a top priority for us – and you can taste it!

The carefully chosen organic berries are dried, frozen, powdered, cold pressed and coated gently, in accordance with meticulous and carefully supervised process. No additives or artificial sweeteners or preservatives are added to the berries. Our production line is FSSC 22,000, Kosher and Halal certified for you to enjoy Biokia’s organic products with a good conscience!