Exclusive nordic superfoods

From the northern wilderness, we serve you forest treasures! Taste the northern wilderness in Biokia’s berry products and take the power of berries into your everyday life! We offer a range of high quality and tasty organic products for the whole family – ready to use. The gently processed products are full of nutrients and flavor, giving you the best of berries!



A spoonful of Biokia’s organic berry powder contains roughly half a cup of fresh berries and is a superb way to add berry power to your everyday life! Add berries to your breakfast, grab them as snack or use them for smoothies. Pure organic berries are ready for use as such – no need for cooking or heating. The berries have been dried as whole, which makes them rich in taste, color and nutrients.

Berrypower form dusk till dawn

Wild berries growing in the northern latitudes are especially rich in health-beneficial ingredients. The clean forests of northern Finland are ideal for growing berries: clean and bright, untouched and free of pesticides or fertilizers. Instead, they enjoy the midnight sun.

Vitamins, flavonoids, minerals and dietary fiber – all these health-beneficial ingredient are naturally found in berries, which makes them so beneficial to our wellbeing. Read more about the health effects of berries.

Health Effects of Berries

delicious treats for all occasions

Biokia’s organic berry products are an excellent addition to everyday diet! Berry powders can be used for the preparation and baking of various sweet desserts – they are great in cheesecakes, cookies and ice creams as well as decorations. Berry powders are ready to use, they mix evenly and give a beautiful tint to fillings, doughs and frostings. Boost your wellbeing with a genuine taste of nature!

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high quality production

Biokia’s organic products are processed at low temperatures ensuring that all valuable vitamins, natural flavonoids and minerals  as well as their great taste and color are preserved. Biokia’s organic powders are ground as whole dried berries and they are 100 % berry without anything added to them. The entire production chain of berries, starting from the forest, is controlled and certified organic, which guarantees the purity of the berries. Quality is our number one priority!